Creating a Path Forward for Workers

Intelligent machines and automation are uprooting our working lives.

Increasingly, people need to find ways to adapt to continuously changing work environments.

We just need to give them the runway to succeed.

About Runway

As digital technologies continue to change work at relentless pace, it is no longer enough for workers to learn new skills. Runway is an experimental program to help office workers impacted by automation adapt to the future of work, today.

The Runway experiment will connect a team of workers with a change coach on a series of "flights," rotating the team across different work environments and roles. Together we will seek to discover new possibilities, connect new skills and help workers develop the confidence to succeed in continuously shifting work environments.

Join the experiment and let's help workers adapt toward a meaningful future, together.

The Full Story

Download our research summary to learn more about our program, our key insights and additional details about the Runway concept.

Action Packs

As part of the Runway program, we have developed a series of methods and activities in "Action Packs" to start making an impact today. These action packs are designed to help two different audiences: Innovators and Workers. Each pack contains activities to help assess automation risk and ways to implement incremental changes in how we work to combat this risk. Whether you are using these packs to help a worker you supervise, yourself, or those who might be affected by the creative work you do, you are sure to find something to inspire you to act differently in support of workers’ growth.

Innovator Pack

This pack is for design and technology innovators who play a role in the advancement of automated products and services. This pack includes a point of view and principles to establish a practice of considering how workers are affected by design and development decisions, and to plan ahead for unintended consequences.

Download Innovator Pack

Worker Pack

This pack is for supervisors and mentors of workers, or workers themselves whose jobs may be vulnerable to automation. This pack includes activities to assess workers’ vulnerability and risk of automation, plus methods to begin adapting to becoming more resilient.

Download Worker Pack

Meet the Team

In March of 2017, a group of designers at Fjord embarked on a passion project to study the unintended consequences of digital technologies on workers. Through collaboration and storytelling with workers and experts from numerous backgrounds, the idea for Runway was born.

Ehud Paz

Design Lead

Kane Albarron

Design Lead

Niamh Parsley

Interaction Designer

Katie Mennuto

Visual Designer

Kelsa Trom

Content Designer

Georgia Perris

Program Manager